EL Habanero & Churrobar

The world's only Cuban restaurant  & Churro Dessert Bar Specializing in Churro Cakes, the world's first Churro Charcuterie Board ©, over the top Churro desserts & more!

After Executive Chef Angel relocated from Havana, Cuba both he and his wife Michelle decided they wanted to create something unique unlike any other Cuban Restaurant & Dessert Bar around the world. An Urban hang out with Cuba’s warm & rustic appeal, which concentrates on serving authentic Cuban dishes first, while adding fusion and whimsical over the top Churro desserts & more. Most importantly, breakdown the misconceptions of what everyone seems to think  “is” Cuban food and serve “the real deal”…and El Habanero Catering was established in early 2016.


By the end of 2016 their Catering business was a huge success and came their expansion of CHURROBAR, a mobile Churro dessert bar.

With Michelle's creative mind behind the scenes leading and managing all business development, as well as social media & Menu and Chef Angel cooking up a storm their company quickly gained momentum and they opened their first Restaurant El Habanero & Churrobar in 2018. In 2019 they formed a Partnership with Celebrity Chef Mark McEwan's Fine Foods Grocery Store chain and a wealth of their products can be found there. 


2020, CHURROBAR evolved into a much larger dessert bar and introduced a new line - (Dulces by Churrobar) which offers a full range of High end Cakes, Custom Cakes & Baked Goods.

Most recently Michelle created yet another (world) first THE CHURROCUTERIE BOARD© which has taken social media by storm! 


El Habanero & Churrobar continues to be featured by local and International food bloggers and has had some of our city's largest Social Media sites blog about them including- Buzzfeed, Tasty, BringMe, blogTO, Narcity Canada, Taste Toronto, Visualize Toronto, Futurpreneur and Toronto Date Ideas-- just to name a few!

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Having acquired more than 18 years of experience and a born "Habanero" himself, Chef Angel is still as passionate as when he first entered the Culinary Arts arena.


Growing up in an era in Cuba where food was very scarce and meals were repetitive and often not as one would have hoped, Angel and his family found creative ways to make simple food into delicious meals.

Angel developed a palate which others would grow to appreciate and love and he realized that making people happy through a delicious bite was what he wanted to pursue.


After formalizing his training and graduating with honours, with hard work and dedication to his craft Chef Angel advanced quickly working in some of Cuba's most reputable 5 star executive restaurants and hotels in Habana Vieja such as; Hotel Melia Habana, Hotel Habana Libre, Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Restaurante Vicaria and La Bodeguita Del Medio,  a well known Tourists attraction -where he trained under the most respected Cuban Chef's. His career has also given him the pleasure of cooking for

many Cuban Baseball players, Musicians and celebrities.


Chef Angel is also a trained International Chef as well as Baker. He takes pride cooking heart warming traditional Cuban Cuisine but also likes the challenges of creating new fusion dishes, which you have started to see on our menu.


With little resources in Cuba Chef Angel was taught  "the good old fashion hard way" and believes this is what has helped him have an ongoing successful career to date.


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Michelle, a savvy entrepreneur coupled with a strong business acumen leads the overall business strategy & development, including all media, advertising, menu development & food design.


With an arts background, superior multi-tasking & exceptional customer service skills Michelle is no stranger to working in a very demanding, ever-changing and high stress environment servicing high profile talent & executives. Having acquired 10 years in the corporate world, in a prominent role at CTV News, she most recently took "the leap of faith" and resigned from her position to take their company full steam ahead! Within 2 months The McEwan Group started retailing their Gourmet Churro Cakes, Filled Churros & Alfajores shortbread cookies at all 3 of their Grocery locations and are one of their preferred vendors. A year later CHURROBAR has opened inside the McEwan Shops at Don Mills location.


CHURROBAR has been featured on countless media outlets including U.S.A sites, Buzzfeed, Tasty & Bring Me with more than 1 million views.

Her motto is simple- "no or can't is not an option!" The Customer Experience is what drives her. Customers rave about her attention to detail & service and are extremely pleased with their overall experience as much as they are in love with Chef Angel's food. 

In 2018, Michelle was awarded with a Women's Entrepreneur Award- "Leadership in Change" recognizing her efforts for driving the company forward. Most recently, in February 2019 Michelle’s efforts were recognized with their 2nd spotlight, heading a Campaign running on TTC Subway associated with Futurpreneur and a feature in the Toronto Sun -a well-deserved honor.

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